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Welcome to Saint Lucia's Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan. The Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan is the third of Saint Lucia’s three-pronged response strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to chart a comprehensive roadmap for the recovery of Saint Lucia.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unleashing damage on all fronts. Beginning as a Public Health crisis in the South Asia region, the virus has reached the shores of every known country in the world, bringing with it an onslaught to death, fear and widespread uncertainty about what the future holds.

It has now evolved from a Global Public Health emergency, to a Human Development crisis, threatening to destroy not just lives, but our way of life, our jobs and livelihoods, our businesses, our industries, and our economy.


No segment of our country is spared this continuing brazen assault of the COVID-19 pandemic. Loss of household income and job security have now thrown many Saint Lucians on the breadline, as businesses are forced to close their doors.

Saint Lucia’s Public Health Care System, which has been on the frontline, is having to re-orient its structure to protect lives and to respond to the looming threat of an outbreak, while the pandemic continues to unfold.

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Public Health

Public Health Response

$21.3 (mil)

  • Closure of National Border;

  • National Curfew, Physical Distancing;

  • Conversion of the Victoria Hospital to a Respiratory Hospital; and

  • Cuban Medical Brigade


Social Stabilization Plan

$119.7 (mil)

  • NIC Economic Relief Programme

  • Non-NIC Contributors Income Support Programme

  • Suspension of Rental Fees to MSMEs Renting from Government; and 

  • Fuel Rebates to Bus Drivers


Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan

$548.4 (mil)

  • Electricity Assistance Programme;

  • Expansion of Public Assistance Programme;

  • Provision of Grants/Loans to MSMEs; and

  • Fast Tracking Capital Investment Projects

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