P1/Strat. No.4: Electricity Assistance Program for Persons Adversely Affected by COVID-19





Target Audience

Guidelines and Criteria 

Implementing Agency

Estimated Cost

Overall Beneficiary

Assist poor and vulnerable citizens who have been adversely affected (financially) by COVID-19                      

Utilize part of the fuel surcharge ($0.50) currently levied on the use of diesel fuel to finance part or full payment of electricity bills for affected persons

Households on the poverty list
Households verified and approved for support under the NIC Economic Relief Programme
Households verified and approved for support under the Government Income Support Programme for non-contributors to NIC

Households must have an active electricity account
Households in receipt of poverty assistance and or income support

Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment and Local Government

$5.1 Million

Households (approx. 10,000 - 12,500)

Status Update


Source: Saint Lucia Electricity and Services Limited (LUCELEC) and the Department of Equity