P2. Fast Track Shovel Ready Projects

Drive economic activity through the deliberate commencement and continuation of public sector capital investment projects




[May 2022]


The initiatives under this pillar aimed to provide an injection of much needed financial flows into the economy during the pandemic with the resultant slowdown in the tourism sector. Activities to stimulate the economy continues with the continued rollout of key Government projects including the Cul de Sac Bridge, the Millenium Highway and the West Coast Road Rehabilitation project as well as the portfolio of projects under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP).

Strategy No.

Recovery Strategy [2]: Fast Track Shovel Ready Projects

Implementing Agency

Cost (EC$ Million)


Public Sector Procurement will prioritize local goods and services as a vehicle to stimulate domestic demand with government expenditures.


Accelerate reforms at the Development Control Authority to unlock both public and private sector investment projects pending and improve service delivery.


Waiver of import duties to developers who construct five houses or more.