P3/Strat. No.20: Rural Community Small Projects Economic Stimulation Initiative.





Target Audience

Guidelines and Criteria 

Implementing Agency

Estimated Cost

Overall Beneficiary

To stimulate rural economic activity through a series of small construction projects geared at renovating existing community facilities, which will translate into increased income support to rural households.                

To provide small construction projects to micro contractors to stimulate economic activity and income in rural communities geared towards repairing community infrastructure.

Persons displaced as a result of COVID-19

Applicants must have skills in related field; and Bidding process will apply

Department of Economic Development, Transport and Civil Aviation – Constituency Development Project        

$4.0 Million

Households displaced as a result of COVID-19

Status Update


[September 30, 2020]


The current initiatives to stimulate the economy are on-going. The private sector businesses have displayed immense interest in what is being offered and have taken every opportunity to work with the respective implementing agencies.