P3/Strat. No.21: Duty Free Concessions on Vehicles to Essential Service Staff.





Target Audience

Guidelines and Criteria 

Implementing Agency

Estimated Cost

Overall Beneficiary

To lower the cost of acquiring a vehicle for frontline essential public service officers by reducing the duties on the purchase of vehicles, to assist officers to respond to national emergencies.                                                  

To provide duty-free concession on the purchase of a vehicle for frontline essential public service officers.       

Essential public service officers (Doctors, Nurses, Police and Fire Officers)

Essential public service officer who are employed for more than 5 years in the public service;
Value of vehicle not to exceed $100,000;
Relief applies only to new vehicle purchase;
Vehicle registration must be in the applicant’s name; and
One application per eligible individual

Department of Finance


Essential public service officers (Nurses, Police and Fire Officers)

Status Update


[September 30, 2020]


The current initiatives to stimulate the economy are on-going. The private sector businesses have displayed immense interest in what is being offered and have taken every opportunity to work with the respective implementing agencies.

Source: Department of Finance