P3. Strengthen Social Protection

Protect the poor and most vulnerable segments of the Saint Lucian population and mitigate further deterioration in the quality of life




[September 30, 2020]


The current initiatives to stimulate the economy are on-going. The private sector businesses have displayed immense interest in what is being offered and have taken every opportunity to work with the respective implementing agencies.

Strategy No.

Recovery Strategy [3]: Strengthen Social Protection

Implementing Agency

Cost (EC$ Million)


The provision of COVID-19 cash top-up to households with marginalized persons and persons living with disability cash transfers.


Provision of COVID-19 Hygiene Care Packages to indigent, poor and vulnerable households.


Micro-Finance loans to households to diversify into Small and Micro Enterprise and cottage



Rural Community Small Projects Economic Stimulation Initiative.


Duty Free Concessions on vehicles to essential service staff.