P5/Strat.No.27: Building Capacity of Primary Care Health Facilities




Target Audience

Guidelines and Criteria 

Implementing Agency

Estimated Cost

Overall Beneficiary

  1. Building capacity in our Primary Health Care Services to reduce the strain on the Owen King European Union Hospital and St. Jude Hospital. The two main projects undertaken to build that capacity are Dennery Polyclinic and Castries Health Centre;

  2. Enhance the resiliency of our health care services and build capacity in various community

  3. Improve the Castries Health Centre to accommodate the Cuban eye clinic and sexually transmitted disease clinic

Improve Health Care Facilities

Employment generation and for the Health outcomes for the Dennery, Castries and surrounding communities


Project Coordination Unit (PCU)

Department of Economic Development, Transport and Civil Aviation

$20 Million

Construction workers (increased employment)

Community residents (access to improved health care)

Status Update


[April, 2021]


Castries Polyclinic –Ongoing, Cuban Eye care clinic - the works at the Castries Wellness Center is approximately 80 percent complete.


The STI clinic construction work was completed in November 2020 and is being fully utilized.


Dennery Polyclinic –not started -Tenders have been sent out and the end date for the receipt of tenders is 12 May 2021.