P5/Strat. No.28: Mainstreaming Care for Long-Term Management of COVID-19





Target Audience

Guidelines and Criteria 

Implementing Agency

Estimated Cost

Overall Beneficiary

Completion of the Respiratory Hospital; Isolation Centres for the North and South of Saint Lucia.       

These facilities will strengthen the country’s COVID-19 Health response and enable long term management of the virus

Residence from targeted communities


Ministry of Health and Wellness

$7.3 Million

Construction workers (increased employment)
Community residents (access to improved health care)

Status Update


[April, 2021]


Respiratory Hospital

The Draft Financing Agreement for the European Investment Bank Loan has been sent to Department of Finance for their review. After which a legal opinion will be sought from the Attorney
General’s Chambers.


Isolation centres North and South of Saint Lucia

Isolation Unit has been secured under this facility. Financing is being obtained from the European Investment Bank, funding should be on stream by August 2021.

1. Designs for the Isolation centresare completed
2. RFP will be sent out by September 2021