P5/Strat. No.31: Increase Population Access to Healthcare – National Health Insurance Scheme





Target Audience

Guidelines and Criteria 

Implementing Agency

Estimated Cost

Overall Beneficiary

The implementation of National Health Insurance will increase access to health services for the poor and financially vulnerable in society in the first phase and provide access to all citizens in the later phases.            

Implement the National Health Insurance on a phased basis

Entire population

Premiums for poor and vulnerable to be borne by the State

Ministry of Health and Wellness


Entire population

Status Update


[April, 2021]


Stakeholder consultations have been held with different groups such as the Insurance Companies, Trade Unions, Fisherfolk, Minibus Association etc.


Request for Proposals were sent to Insurance Companies for proposal to provide National Health Insurance. So far one proposal has been received.


The Department of Health has met with another potential supplier of an information system solution for National Health Insurance through the World Bank. A demonstration of the platform
was given to the Officers from Health and Finance and the World Bank Officials


•Work is ongoing to contract Mr. Edwin St Catherine under the World Bank Health System Strengthening Project to provide support in the registration of the population.


•The Department of Health has engaged the services of an Insurance Broker to assist in the procurement of Insurance Provider/s